1941 16 May: Formal establishment of  METAALCOMPAGNIE ,,BRABANT” C.V. by Marinus van Kempen and Frans van Ettro.

First MCB employee

1942 MCB moves to the Aalsterweg in Eindhoven
1945 MCB has 5 employees
1946 MCB becomes representative for Styria steel
1947 Purchase of first truck: the DT 10 DAF
1948 MCB becomes representative for BPW (axels)
1949 MCB becomes representative for Lemmerz (wheels)
1951 First edition of the MCB book
1953 MCB  12 ½ anniversary

Compagnie Métallurique BRABANT (CMB) establishment in Montegnée (Liege)

1955 MCB becomes representative for Klöckner electrodes
1956 MCB agent for Espérance Langdoz (Belgium)
1958 Office staff move to new head office on the Aalsterweg
1961 Introduction of the five-day week at MCB

Compagnie Métallurique BRABANT (CMB) moves to Ans (Belgium)

1966 MCB 25th anniversary
1969 Purchase of site Valkenswaard

Introduction of pension scheme

1971 The first five stock halls in Valkenswaard taken into service
1972 First works council appointed
1974 The second series of stock halls taken into service
1976 MCB 35th anniversary
1977 The third series of stock halls taken into service
1980 New service: MCB Service, the precursor of the Steel Service Center (SSC)
1981 The first decoiler arrives

MCB 40th anniversary

1982 The first slitter operational

Compagnie Métallurique BRABANT (CMB) moves to Awans (Belgium)

MCB opts for Emcebis (ERP)

1984 Founder Frans van Ettro (74) dies

Founder Marinus van Kempen (82) dies

1985 Start of Brabant Stahlhandel GmbH in Dormagen (Germany)

First pile driven for new office building in Valkenswaard

1987 MCB moves definitively to Valkenswaard
1989 Delivery of the 40,000th roll of band steel

Sales exceed half a billion guilders

1991 The 50,000th coil goes on the decoiler

MCB 50th anniversary

MCB takes over Hamel Metaal

Kubra Kunststoffen established

1995 The 100,000th coil is delivered
1996 Jan van Kempen (son of founder) leaves employment

Staalmarkt Nederland B.V. is established

1998 Piet van Kempen (son of founder) leaves employment

MCB sales exceed 1 billion guilders

Purchase of StrukturMetall in Germany

2000 Hub van Ettro (son of founder) leaves employment
2001 Activities in ‘Precision’ terminated
2003 MCB acquires 50% interest in Metaveld

250,000th coil in Service Center

2004  MCB Czech Republic established
2005 Building of the Centrum Productie Bewerkingen (CPB) [Centre for product processing]

MCB takes over Metaveld

MCB Deutschland 20th anniversary

2006 Establishment of MCB Hungaria and MCB Central Europe

MCB 65th anniversary

StrukturMEtall new building

MCB Polska established

2007 Initiation of the IRIS project, a new information system for the MCB Group
2008 MCB Group takes over Testas and TS Métaux
2009 MCB Group halts its activities in Central Europe

Metaveld is sold

VALX is established

Metal2 is established

2010 400,000th coil unloaded in the Steel Service Center

Introduction of VALX axels at Valkenburg airfield

2012 Implementation of SAP at MCB Nederland
2013 Testas 20th anniversary

The MCB Group e-campus opens

2014 Head office Staalmarkt Nederland moves to Valkenswaard
2016 Entry of 1,000,000th order in SAP

MCB 75th anniversary

Hamel 80th anniversary

2018 BEWO operational
2020 Implementation of SAP at Testas

Purchase new decoiler 5

2021 Initiation building of decoiler 5

Initiation “Redesign de Vest”

Building of high-bay warehoude Testas

Initiation building of new compact branches of MCB Direct

MCB 80th anniversary

Purchase of the 300th DAF Truck


MCB 80 years!