All new commercial colleagues will first start at the General Sales department. With three permanent colleagues in this department, we try to get our new colleagues, who come in as Junior Account Manager, ready as soon as possible.

A special training programme has been developed for this purpose. This consists of learning article numbers, but also various online courses of the MCB E-campus, which gives you basic knowledge of metals and materials.

You’ll spend a day with a driver, you’ll spend half a day in the warehouse and you’ll get to know all the departments that you’re going to have to deal with as a (Junior) Account Manager. In this way, you will be prepared for the real work in a short time and in a fun way.

Depending on your abilities, preferences and ambitions, you then move on to another department and function. How quickly this happens depends on how fast you develop, if you need something longer/some more time for this, that is no problem. After all, good work needs time!


A work day in the General Sales department


When you arrive at the office, turn on your computer and phone and you’re ready to start the day.

Once the computer has started up, check whether shipments are on the road for customers. If this is not the case, please call the customer to inform them. You then open your mail to see what messages have been received, but in between the phone continues to ring with customers who have questions.

A customer who has a question about material, for example, about which material he should use. By asking the right questions, you can find out what the customer’s needs are and you can give a suitable advice and/or solution. Of course, you make sure that you have the order in the meantime. You hang up, quickly pick up a new cup of coffee for you and your team and then a new customer calls.

When it’s time for lunch, you can go to the company restaurant to catch up with your colleagues. With good weather, you can of course go outside to catch some fresh air: hiking is good for you, it makes sure that you have a fresh and fruity feeling after your break.

You’re only just in your place and a new customer is already calling. Yesterday afternoon, the customer placed an order and he wants to know when the material arrives. You search for the customer and order in MCB’s system and give the correct delivery time. In addition, you let the customer know that the next time he can also view this via the web portal.

MCB has also been working with a web portal for a year, where customers can order their materials online. Online ordering of material is not only new for MCB, but also for customers. When a (new) online customer has placed an order, you call the customer to ask what his experiences with the webshop are. Thanks to these experiences, MCB can ensure that the web portal continues to develop in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Ordering via the webshop offers all kinds of advantages for both customers and MCB. The customer can determine the time at which he wants to order his materials. They can access the MCB stock 24/7. In addition, as a Junior Account Manager, you get more time to deepen your understanding of other customers and the customer can decide when he wants to order.

In the meantime, the day is almost over again. A last check soon if your mailbox is empty and answered, so that you can get back to work the next day.