‘’As a driver, I do not have the healthiest profession, because of all the irregularities. The most important lesson of the Lifestyle training was to get that rhythm in your day. Always try to have breakfast for example, and eat healthy snacks. And also bring a salad, or yoghurt. All this was well explained.’’

Marcel Hoogervorst is a truck driver at MCB, and as part of the (compulsory) Code 95 training, he volunteered for the module ‘Lifestyle’. In that module you learn to eat better and move more. Marcel thought it was very educational: “I wondered whether it was useful in advance, but afterwards I was very excited. I am paying much more attention now.”

What does this Code 95 training mean?


For Code 95, for example, we get instructions every five years about the tachograph and load fuse. Code 95 is an indication on the driving license; it is valid for five years and can be renewed by continuous training. Code 95 is mandatory for all European professional drivers.

What was the meaning of this LifeStyle module of Code 95?


“I learned a lot from the LifeStyle training, it’s a bit different. It is about health, which is of course interesting for everyone. We have measured our blood pressure, and we have also been told, for example, how you can prevent your veins from silting up. In addition, we received a lot of information about food from a dietician. A sports instructor taught us how to stay fit, including with small exercises .”

And how do you remain fit as a driver?


“Of course we looked at our position. As a driver, you do not have the healthiest job because of all the irregularities. During your break, it is best to go for half an hour of walking. In addition, we also learned some stretching and stretching exercises. Although I do think that in practice, you don’t do this so easily.”

“We learned about the usefulness of walking, cycling and swimming. Fortunately, MCB doesn’t expect you to be behind the wheel for nine hours every day, you can move around enough. But you have to build that quietly: don’t run out of pile immediately, especially if you’ve done little “.

What else do you do after these training sessions?


I’m now paying particular attention to the diet, more cereals instead of bread, for example. I already appeared to eat quite well, although in the evening when I come home I turned out to create a lot of fun. Especially when you eat late, you don’t burn so much. A new lesson learnt! ”