MCB is working closely with suppliers to automate buying and selling processes through EDI, suppliers like Aperam. In cooperation with Aperam, we used EDI to speed up the supply chain processes. This cooperation also led to faster and more reliable information processing.

To find out more about the succes of this cooperation, we asked Violaine Vitte (project responsible) some questions.

The biggest advantages of EDI for suppliers

Aperam wants to further transform the business and address next generation needs of its customers through new technologies, automation, digitalization and a fully connected organisation. Aperam is convinced that business digitization will support simplification and acceleration of the data and document flows within their supply chain with their customers. For instance through EDI.

Vitte: “The main objective of the EDI project is to fully automate the supply chain between the supplier and the customer. Information goes faster, is more reliable and reduces the unnecessary administrative workload for both. Just to give you an idea: compared to the situation before EDI, to register an order of 2000 tonnes it would have represented us 2 days work, whereas now it is about 15 minutes to an hour.”

“Also, less mistakes will be made. All information is stored centrally in our system, to ensure that information is standard for all users. We are now less dependent on the behavior of one person.”

The major advantages of EDI for metals suppliers are:
• Cost reduction
• Less mistakes
• More efficient data and document flows
• Reliable price and product information
• Time saving on administration.

Improved process management

The EDI connection with MCB will improve buying and selling processes. An example from Aperam learnt us that there are no delays to book the orders anymore in their systems. Because documents are supplied easier and faster, the packing lists go into the MCB system faster and automatically too.

With EDI, Aperam wants to transform to the needs of the next generation, with the MCB approach as benchmark. Through automation and digitization, the supply chain with customers will be supported in a much better way. One example with EDI is the price setting with related articles, this has been automated and will be completely reliable.

“We’re convinced that business digitization will support simplification and acceleration of the data and document flows within our supply chain with our customers.” – Violaine Vitte (Aperam)

Communication is easy

MCB has chosen for the ‘come as you are’ principle, together with our implementation partner Quyntess. By working like this, suppliers and customers are able to connect with us cheaper and faster. We use the present operations of partners (content, format) as a basis for documents, which will save them time and costs.

Other partners usually outsource EDI, but by working together with Quyntess we developed a fluent process. And by working with an ‘open mind’, communication with our EDI partners is easy. And communication will never stop, for instance regarding new articles.

Violaine concludes: “The success of this project comes from the fact that the EDI solution was supported from both sides of the business (Aperam and MCB): everybody was willing to make it work and we did it quite efficiently. So all in all it was a positive project.”

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