“I have known MCB for a long time, everyone who lives here knows it. I was looking for an internship company and I preferred to do an internship at a large company. So MCB was the best option for me. “Hilde Teunissen is a student at Schoevers, and has done an internship at MCB in recent months. A big company had her preference, and MCB fit into that picture: “It struck me that it is so big here, much bigger than I even expected. It is interesting that you have to deal with many different cultures and people at a large company. From other countries, for example. That really attracts me. Although I did not came in contact with them   , it is a nice organization to gain experience. ”

What exactly did you do at MCB?

“I have held a research about the image of MCB, regarding knowledge sharing and the knowledge events. I have conducted interviews with employees and made surveys for the customers. These are now ready to be sent. In addition, I also helped in the communication department. Mainly to offer support in the communication field of Communication Advisor Annette Schoone. She was also my supervisor. ”

“I also helped with the knowledge events. For the MCB Specials Knowledge Day I have been allowed to do some things. The Knowledge Day for Specials went well, it was interesting and fun to do. I also helped with the design of the Knowledge Day that will soon be held for MCB Direct. My research is mainly about the knowledge days. It is nice to be able to help with this.”

And how did the internship work?

“I really like MCB, everyone is very open and nice. You do not feel like you are an intern, everyone is willing to help you. I study Communication and Organization at Schoevers, specializing in Office Management. It means that I can work in the office somewhere, hopefully at a large organization.”

“It would be nice if I could work at MCB in the future. I want to work after my studies, after this year I have to go to school for another year. Maybe then I can go back to MCB again!”