We are pleased to announce that Mr. Bernard Saey, owner of the Belgian steel distribution group Saey, and MCB have reached an agreement regarding the intended acquisition by MCB of 100% of the shares in the companies of the group. The intended acquisition will be completed in the coming months, subject to the antitrust approval.

Saey is an important steel distributor with branches in Kuurne, Heule and Zwijnaarde that distinguishes itself by adding value through processing and services. Saey has built up a good appreciation from a large group of customers in the Benelux and France.

Saey has been active in the industry for 116 years and has approximately 100 passionate employees who drive the company further along the path of growth through innovation, an optimal customer experience and digital transformation.

With the intended acquisition, the future and continuity of Saey as an independent metal wholesaler is guaranteed and further expanded. This way, both parties want to further strengthen their position in the Benelux and France and serve customers even better. The complementary effect of a different geographical focus, a distinct product range and diverse processing options can contribute to this.

Why we do this and what the benefits are for our customers

Bernard Saey, owner and CEO of Saey
“MCB is an excellent partner to support Saey’s growth and development ambitions. Chain solutions, innovative concepts, digital development, customer experience and sustainability form a common focus. Both organizations are proud of the commitment and competences of their employees and attach great importance to the local culture and values.”

Bram Schildkamp, CEO of MCB
“MCB has the clear intention to maintain Saey with the current strong team as an independent company within the MCB family in order to maintain and further expand the successful relationships with existing customers and suppliers. Both parties look forward to a good cooperation and a productive exchange of ideas and plans.”