‘’My father has been working at MCB for about 30 years now. He is still going to work with pride and passion. We also talk almost every evening about the processes and activities that go well and wrong.’’ Davey Senders has joined MCB as Project Manager Aluminium and Non-Ferro, and is apparently already very familiar with the company. On the one hand, because he has been working for sister company MCB Direct for 6.5 years, and obviously also through his father: “We both have a ‘blue heart’ and I too am giving our BackOffice a warm heart because they are the driving force behind the organization. You learn so much from each other, and in the end the customer benefits from it.’’


What are your key activities at the aluminium department of MCB?


I was Account Manager at MCB Direct, and it is my intention that I will continue to develop into Project Manager next to Lambert van de Schans. I would like to go even deeper into aluminium, where my field of interest really lies. I got a lot of affinity with the product at MCB Direct, my biggest Key-Accounts ordered aluminium’ custom made’ from me.

“Aluminium is a beautiful metal because it combines a relatively low weight with high strength. It also interests me, because customers often use it for particularly high-grade applications. The aluminium customers really appeal to me, mostly companies that supply products for a brand supplier (OEM).

I’ve worked with great pleasure at MCB Direct, I went with pain in my heart. I do, however, wish to develop on a wider scale so when this position was released, I immediately realized that it met my exact requirements: both in terms of content and working environment.

Thanks to my dual training in Technical Business Administration, I can also use my work more effectively and efficiently. I’m now in the third year of my studies, where I chose a minor Business Psychology because as Project Manager you’ll have to deal with many different people from the organization. The training is also very abstract and above all technical, so this is a valuable addition. The training also really stimulates me, since the moment I started, every working day became more enjoyable: I learn in theory what I can improve in practice.


 How do you see your future at MCB?


In my future role I am spider in the web for clients on the one hand and internal departments and processes at MCB on the other hand. I’m going to look in particular at how certain processes can be better attuned to customer demands and wishes. I am open to everything, and I want to learn a lot from Lambert. He is the’ knowledge base’ for aluminium and non-ferrous metals, and as a’ young enthusiast’ I think we complement each other very well “.


davey.senders@mcb.nl, 040 208 8454